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 (en) des infos sur la maj6 qui sort lundi

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(en) des infos sur la maj6 qui sort lundi Empty
MessageSujet: (en) des infos sur la maj6 qui sort lundi   (en) des infos sur la maj6 qui sort lundi Icon_minitimeVen 9 Mar - 20:24

The following release notes are for the Bullroarer public test server only and may not reflect the final list of changes or updates included at release. Please be aware that everything here is subject to change. These notes are not final.

Known Issue: NPCs in Evendim have decided they are no longer interested in constantly answering questions and offering services and quests to players. Instead of interacting with you they will simply stare at you with a slight look of displeasure on their faces until you go away. (This is fixed in a newer build, we reminded them they are under contract.)

Of Special Note

Shores of the Great River
A new region with 200 quests, free for VIPS, is now available! Read about this new region in the developer diary!

Epic Story
The Epic story continues! Free for all players.

Skirmish Soldiers on Landscape

Skirmish soldiers can be summoned on landscape, restricted to areas outside of high-population zones. Landscape soldier tokens provide one hour of soldier time. This does not apply to your skirmish soldier while it is in a skirmish (skirmish functionality is unchanged). Full details will be included in an upcoming developer diary.

Class Updates
The following classes are receiving important changes for Update 6. Full details will be available through developer diaries.

Free Peoples


Changes to Itemization in the Ettenmoors
After sitting down and reviewing the PvMP rewards, we came to a few conclusions. First of all, we have a singular itemization path that is accessible through either PvE or PvMP. In our current offerings, we had to ensure that the PvMP items did not devalue the PvE offerings. Because of this, we have both reduced their potency and increased their gating mechanisms. This leads to PvMP rewards that are either underpowered or too difficult to acquire. Read more in the full Developer Diary.

A New Ettenmoors Currency
We've created a new-universal PvMP currency to replace the role of Destiny in the Ettenmoors. The new currency (Commendations) will be the primary driver of all PvMP rewards and advancement for both Freeps and Creeps. Read the Developer Diary for more details.

Instance Finder
Many changes have been made to the Instance finder. You’ll learn more about them in two upcoming developer diaries including instance finder rewards!

By Player Request & Suggestion
Virtues have been extended to Rank 14.
Stat Tomes from Sturdy Steel Lockboxes: fix for old version that would allow you to use the same tier more than once (to no effect). New drops will only have tomes that are unusable if you have already used the same one in the past.
Stat Tomes and Relic Removal Scrolls: all tiers of stat tomes and the relic removal scroll can now drop from the final bosses in scaled instances.
All items that are restricted to a character class or a small selection of character classes have been removed from the lockboxes.
Melding recipes for the store exclusive relics can now be found in game on the Relic Forging Master.
Marks, Medallions, Seals, and Relic Currency are all now bind to account.
Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor are now available via Skirmish barter vendors.

Release Notes

Using an item on an object that disappears mid-usage should no longer generate a “General Error 0x00000027”, producing a more user-friendly error instead

Unique class titles have been added as rewards for the level 15, 30, 45, and 58 class quests. Characters who have previously completed these quests will be rewarded the titles retroactively.

Burglars: fixed an issue in which item links in loot messages generated by the Burgle skill would show incorrect tooltip information.
Burglar - Improved Riddle will now be affected by the 3-Trait bonus of Mischief-maker trait set.
You will no longer fight without a weapon in hand if you are interrupted while mining ore or chopping branches.

The Captain skill Tactics: Focus will now scale its effects after level 65.
The various Song-brother skills will now affect the Herald's healing skills

The “Battle Acuity increases Critical Hit rating of Area of Effect skills” set bonus will now increase in duration based off the “Battle Acuity Duration” Legacy.
The Hedge skill will now properly allow parrying while in Fervour stance.
Skills - Champion - Raging Blade now properly re-applies the bonus Critical Hit effect from Battle Acuity when the Ruithador / Berserker set is on the character

The Guardian trait Heart of Fire will now improve the unified Critical Defence stat displayed on the character panel not each individual Melee/Ranged/Tactical Critical Defence shown on the tooltip.
The Guardian traits Deflected Blows and Parried Blows will now return power to the Guardian when the block or parry event is transferred by Protection and Protection by the Sword.
The Guardian skill Improved Challenge will now function normally against Monster Players.

Lore-masters now have a choice of two items that can go in their ranged slot: the Brooch of Rage and the Brooch of Regrowth. The Brooch of Rage increases the Lore-master pet’s critical rating while the Brooch of Regrowth increases the pet’s in-combat morale regeneration and evade rating. Both of these items are available via multi-output Jeweler recipes. Aside from the Tier 2 recipe which is available from the Novice Jeweler vendor, these recipes can be found via treasure for Tiers 3 through 7.
New talismans are available for the Lore master class: Talisman of Nature. These talismans will turn the Lore-master's Spirit of Nature pet into one of the following: Sprit of the Raven, Spirit of the Bear, Spirit of the Lynx and Spirit of the Saber-cat. These talismans are made via a multi-output, single-shot Jeweler recipe. The recipe requires Friend standing with the Men of Dunland and can be found on the Dunlending Quartermaster in Galtrev. There are also a couple of stand-alone talismans that can be found as drops in the new instance.
Lore-master's Improved Sticky Gourd's burning fire will now last as long as the damaging effects. No more getting burned after the fire goes out.

Writs – All Writs (Frost, Flame, and Health) now have no attunement requirements. They can be used at all times!
Master of Writs - This skill has been removed from the game.
Affinity – Affinity has been removed from all rune-stones. Affinity skills are now modified by the elements of the previously used skill. Affinity will persist outside combat. EX: Armour of Storm will change to Armour of Flame when Fiery Ridicule is used. It will become Armour of Frost if you use Chilling Rhetoric.
Calming Verse - This skill has been reworked. The two Linnod traits no longer enhance it. It now reduces perceived threat by 25% (which will drop some agro momentarily) and reduces power costs of all skills by 10%. These bonuses will last for 10 seconds. Each of the four traitlines now has a 4-set bonus that will further enhance the trait.
Frost Skills - Global power cost reduction on all Frost skills.
Weapon of Storm/Frost/Flame - These skills have been substantially changed; they are now healing skills and have been re-named to "Rune-sign of X". 1 second induction, 30 second cooldown, requires 6 healing attunement, applies a small heal over time to an ally and a buff depending on what your current Affinity is. Improved Rune-sign applies an enhanced buff (listed after the / below)
Lightning - Increases critical rating / flat critical bonus
Fire - Finesse / reduced miss chance
Ice - Physical and Tactical Mastery / % bonus damage


Old Set Bonuses
2 Equipped:
Chilling Rhetoric useable at all Attunements and -10s Cooldown
3 Equipped:
+25% Fury of Storm Critical Multiplier
-5 Shocking Words Cooldown
4 Equipped:
Occasionally become Charged, granting increased critical damage making Sustaining Bolt free.
+40% Sustaining Bolt damage
+2% lightning damage for each Solitary Thunder trait equipped

New set Bonuses
2 Equipped:
Chilling Rhetoric useable at all Attunements and applies a -30% movespeed debuff after its target takes damage
3 Equipped:
+25% Fury of Storm Critical Multiplier
Increased critical hit chance
4 Equipped:
Occasionally become Charged, making Sustaining Bolt free and Essence of Storm criticals deal 50% bonus damage.
+3% lightning and frost damage for each Solitary Thunder trait equipped
Calming Verse increases movement speed by 20%.

Sustaining Bolt - Increased damage.
Shocking Words - Reduced cooldown from 25 to 20 seconds.
Ceaseless Argument - Reduced power cost.
Epic Conclusion - Small damage increase, removed the 50% power penalty, increased power cost.

Icy Discourse – Changed to “When you use Chilling Rhetoric, you gain the Charged buff. When in the Charged state Sustaining Bolt is free and Essence of Storm critical hits deal +50% additional damage.”
Winter Storm – Each use of a Frost skill stacks a tier winter-Storm buff on you. When at 5, your next lightning skill is an automatic crit. Passively provides -2s Writ of Cold cooldown.
Confounding Principals – Now also increases Chilling Rhetoric up front slow increased by 20% and reduces Distracting Winds cooldown.
Master of Tragedy – Removed passive bonus, they are now the 3-set bonus of traitline. Lightning skills put a stack of “Master of Tragedy” on you. When at 5 stacks, your next Writ is instant cast and has no cooldown.
Tale of the Storm – Duration reduced to 10s.
Perfect Imagery – Now also passively increases lightning damage by 5%.


Old Set Bonuses
2 Equipped:
Fiery Ridicule useable at all Attunements and its induction is not knocked back by damage
3 Equipped:
+30% Essence of Flame Damage
-10% Wrath of Flame Power Cost
4 Equipped:
-4.5s Essay of Fire Induction
+Finesse Rating
+2% fire damage for each Cleansing Fires trait equipped

New Set Bonuses
2 Equipped:
Fiery Ridicule useable at all Attunements and its induction is not knocked back by damage
3 Equipped:
+Finesse Rating, values increased
Self-motivation is now an instant cast, usable while moving.
4 Equipped:
-4.5s Essay of Fire Induction
+3% fire and frost damage for each Cleansing Fires trait equipped
Calming Verse makes all your inductions not able to be knocked back.

Essence of Flame - Increased damage.
Improved Essay of Fire - Now only removes the induction from your next fire skill.
Distracting Flame - Cooldown now 30 seconds. Duration reduced to 15 seconds. Damage pulses sped up and increased. Initial damage removed.
Smouldering Wrath - Duration reduced to 6 seconds. Damage increased. Pulses can now crit.

Scathing Retort – Reworked. Smouldering Wrath provides additional effects based on fire effects active on the target. Cooldown is also reduced by 15 seconds.
Writ of Fire: Increase damage by 5% per tier.
Fiery Ridicule: Return Power to the RK.
Mystifying Flame: Reduce Tactical Mitigation.
Mystifying Flame – 15 second cooldown is now an instant cast that can be used while moving. Also passively increases fire damage by 5%.
Master of Connotation – Removed passive bonus, they are now the 3-set bonus of traitline. Fire skills put a stack of “Master of Connotation” on you. When at 5 stacks, your next Writ heals you 3% of max morale and is instant cast.
Overflowing Confidence – Now also heals you, duration of power savings reduced to 20s.
Linnod of Subtlety – Essence of Flame becomes a three target AOE. Scathing Mockery induction reduced by 1 second.


Old Set Bonus
2 Equipped:
Rune of Restoration useable at all Attunements and heals 20% more
3 Equipped:
-10% Healing Attuned Skill Power Cost
+2 Mending Verse Pulse Count
4 Equipped:
-5% Threat Generation
+2% healing for each Benedictions of Peace trait equipped

New Set Bonuses
2 Equipped:
Rune of Restoration useable at all Attunements and heals 20% more
3 Equipped:
+2 Mending Verse Pulse Count
-10% Threat generation
4 Equipped:
+3% healing and frost damage for each Benedictions of Peace trait equipped
Calming Verse allows Mending Verse usable while moving with no induction.
Their Weapons Will Not Harm Us now protects against all 4 debuff types.

NEW SKILL - Scribe a New Ending - Removes defeat dread from your party. 10 minute cooldown.
Improved Prelude to Hope – Now grants power to you and your target if the target as Writ active. The power bonus has been reduced.
Epic for the Ages - Cooldown now 15 seconds, increase healing, reduce induction to 2.5 seconds and increase Power cost.
Word of Exaltation - Increase bubble amount, mitigation buff removed.
All Fates Entwined – No longer redirects damage to the Rune-keeper, instead reduces the incoming damage of the whole fellowship. Now costs health over time in addition to Power. Greatly reduced initial power cost.
Rousing Words – Can now crit.
Essay of Exaltation – Removed 50% power penalty, increased power cost.
Glorious Foreshadowing – Reworked. Is now an immediate skill. Now provides a +25% incoming healing bonus to a single target for 8s. Lower power cost. 3 minute cooldown.
That Which Does Not Kill Us – Reworked. Now increases the damage of your fellowship by 20% for 20 seconds. If an ally so buffed is struck by an attack, the attack is negated and the damage bonus is replaced with a morale over time effect.

Memorable Prose - No longer provides bonus morale, now provides Physical and Tactical Mastery.
Author of Exaltation - No longer adds to mitigation, now adds critical hit immunity for duration of the bubble.
Terse Narrative – Renamed to “Public Narrative” - Changed to: Epic for the Ages heals your fellowship in addition to the main target for a lesser amount. This amount is increased based on the tier of Writ of Health on the target.
The Prophetic Word – Also increases the Morale/Power granted when an ally is recovered with Do Not Fall This Day.
Master of Allusion – Removed passive bonus, they are now the 3-set bonus of traitline. Healing skills put a stack of “Master of Connotation” on you. When at 5 stacks, your next Writ costs no Power and is instant cast.
Linnod of Peace – Reworked. Now increase incoming healing by 5%, evade by 5% and in-Combat morale regen by 10%.
Wondrous Foreshadowing – Reduces cooldown to 1m, increases healing bonus 50% and also reduces incoming damage by 30%. Still single target. Passively increases Rune-keepers healing by 5%.

Other Skills:
Essence of Winter - Power cost debuff has been reduced to -50%. Damage increased.
Chilling Rhetoric - Initial slow magnitude reduced from 70% to 50%.
The Blade Shall Not Wound AND The Fang Shall Not Poison - Combined into a single skill: “Their Weapons Will Not Harm Us”. 30 second cooldown, 30 second duration.
Self-motivation - Changed to restore 7% of max power.
Fall to Storm/Flame/Frost - Damage increased. Duration reduced to 30 seconds.
Distracting Winds - Increased detaunt amount.

Legendary Traits:
Martial training - Melee damage and critical hit bonuses removed. Max Power bonus changed to a flat bonus from % modification. Morale bonus increased. Added bonus armour and critical defense.
Fall to Our Wrath - No longer provides a new skill. Now increases the damage Fall to Storm/flame/Frost to provide an additional debuff on your foe, based on Affinity:
Storm - Increased incoming critical hit chance
Flame - Increased incoming damage
Frost - reduced Block, Parry, Evade and Resistance ratings
Steady Hands - Instead of setting your attunement to 0, now puts you at 9 in the opposite direction you were in. Increase induction to 2. Removed silence protection. Power savings remain. Damage will now knock back the induction.

Legacy changes:
Ceaseless Argument Power cost - Changed to Damage increase.
Self-motivation Power Restore - Chanced to cooldown reduction.
Glorious foreshadowing Duration - Reduced to 9 seconds.

Warden’s have undergone a massive revision. It is advised that all Warden players visit their trainers. There are a number of skills that you will need to train in order to properly experience this change. When we say massive we mean like the mass of a black hole or star collapsing into a black hole. Just go to your trainers and then have some fun!
Warden’s Aim will now work while the Warden is using a Javelin implement.
The tooltip for Warden’s Aim now accurately reflects the bonus to ranged damage that it will confer; the bonus effect increasing ranged critical damage has also been applied.
Resolution will now apply a restore health effect for each target affected by the damaging portion of the Lifetap.
Reversal can now be used from Ranged – as it should be available. (Remember to train the ranged version of Gambits!)
All potent Ranged Gambit will now function as they should.
The display information for the potent version of Safeguard has been updated.
Ranged Combination Strike will now correctly be filed in the Javelin section of the skills lists.
The misleading text of ICMR – Determination has been addressed.
Muster in Stangard will now correctly return the Warden to Stangard.
Offensive Strike will correctly add a pulsing Lifetap to the Warden when in the Recklessness stance.
Mastery skills will now correctly add their boosts when using the traits that confer the boosts to masteries. Confused? If you are using the Mast of X masteries the boosts normally only offered by the baseline gambit builders is extended to your masteries.
Mighty Blow now contains extra information about the bonus damage applied when layering your DoTs.
The improved version of Shield Tactics conferred by the three-depth bonus of Way of the Shield now displays its tooltip.
Celebration of Skill is now available in Assailment stance. (Make sure to train the skill at a Bard!)
Unerring Strike now displays the bonus damage that it would deal when layering DoTs. As well, the bonus effects are now correct in all stances.
Boar’s Rush no longer displays or allows for a chance to Daze a target in all stances.
Deflection has been fixed to correct tooltip issues and functionality issues.
Adroit Manoeuvre will once again apply the attack bonus to the warden.
DBD (Dark Before Dawn) no longer requires the health component in any stance. The power restoration has been lowered accordingly and the small PoT effect has been added to the skill.
Shield Tactics no longer has a chance to fear targets while in Recklessness stance.
Maddening Strike now displays the correct value that it should confer to the Warden when used in Assailment stance.
All Lifetaps are now working as they should. There is an issue with tooltip display only showing the damage output. I know that I cannot get this fixed in time for release to U6. So sadly this will show only the damage in the tooltip display.
Dance of War will once again add evade boosts while in any stance. You gotta get something for that goofy looking dance.
Spear of Virtue and Surety of Death now identify the correct amount of bonus that they will apply to your fellowship when using the Assailment stance.
Cleaned up the text for Keen Response.
Exultation of Battle now displays the pulsing damage that will be dealt by the associated lifetap. The lifetap tooltip issue that makes it so only damage is shown applies here too. Yes, it sucks. Yes, I wish I could fix it. My option here is to say: Will deal damage and heal you, kthxbye.
Impressive Flourish has been fixed. Cryptic, no. Ultimately there was an issue with the potent version showing the wrong range. This has been corrected.
Piercing Strike, while in Assailment stance is now correctly identifying itself as a ranged skill. This required us to make the skill file for the proper documentation from state and local officials. Once this was completed, the skill complied with our request and identified itself. Are you still reading? Cool. You must be a Waden.
Find Weakness, the Warden trait, now correctly identifies the skills that it modifies. You go on modifying those skills Find Weakness.
Go look at the new armour in the Ettenmoors. We think that you’re going to like the way you look. (Well, maybe not the way you look, but certainly the benefits that the armour confers should make you a happy little Ferret!)
Most of the old Armour sets for the Warden have been updated with benefits that are related to the new changes. If we missed any bug them and we will get them addressed.
Defiant Challenge is no longer a Gambit. It is now a slottable skill.
Masteries are now trainable at level 20. What you say? All your masteries are belong to you. Wow, that was 11 years ago. Do you ever really think about those weird pop culture references…? I do. But yeah, go to your trainers. We told you to do that at the outset of these notes. Why haven’t you done this already? Geesh!
Legacies have been revised. Look at your IA weapons. See the differences? Would you like to know more? There’s a Dev Diary on the way…oh, okay…well there really are too many to list here. Most of the legacies have be made a little more general to increase their value.
Know Your Enemy now has a tooltip that reflects the new state of the trait.
We have established a modicum of consistency with like Tooltips.
Effects that drain health from a target and add health to the warden can now be independently modified. This means that the damage dealt and health incoming can be higher or lower than one another now.
With the changes to the Warden class, the 'Porbad' and “Fist-way' armour sets have been altered. The sets will now give Wardens Damage-dealing stats, instead of the Tanking stats they previously gave. In addition, their set bonuses have been altered as follows:
o Porbad 3-set (and Fist-way 5-set) - Changed to give +10% Critical Multiplier to all Javelin skills
o Porbad 5-set - Changed to give +10% chance to apply bonuses when using Warden's Taunt, Warden's Scorn and Warden's Aim
Warden heals have been adjusted to scale with elevated monster damage added with ROI.
The new effect that provides wardens with a boost in their partial defensives has had its duration increased to 20 seconds.

The Ettenmoors
Minimap icons for Arador's End outpost and Isendeep outpost switched to be correct.
Angmar's X Quests - Angmar's Chieftans, Scouts, Taskmasters, Soldiers, and Tyrants all now have quest tracker locations
Monster players can now open their Traits panel with the same hotkey (default: 'J') as Free Peoples.
Monster players will no longer receive an error stating that they cannot use the Sturdy Steel Lockboxes; instead they will be told that they are missing the required key.
Creep Resistance potions have been converted to the new Resistance Rating stat. Since this now makes one set of the potions redundant, Phial of Mazuak's Saliva/Blood have been removed from barter and loot. The existing potions will remain accessible to players that had acquired them before this change, but they provide the same benefit as Phial of Gorgoris' Bile/Blood and do not stack.
Monster Play consumable stack size increased from 5 to 10 per purchase.
Creep Power pools and ICPR have been increased.
Power of Fear critical effect duration now refreshes when you score a critical hit while it's active.
Empowering: Increased the amount of ICPR provided and added Tactical Mastery
Field Promotion: Fixed animation issues that caused delays on when the skill took effect. Field Promotion is now an immediate skill... seriously.

Wrath: no longer requires Defeat Event to use
Wrath: Now generates both health and power on skill hit.
Devastating Strikes: Power cost significantly reduced
Against the Odds: Cooldown reduced to 10min
Against the Odds - Health and Power restore changed to a percentage of max health/power
Resilience - Now cures and provides a 10s immunity to slows. Cooldown increased to 2min
Devastating Strike - Now applies a 50% Incoming Healing debuff for 15s
Responsiveness of Dying Rage, Glory in Victory, Blood Lust, Time Out, and Wrath have been improved.
Extended Reach: max targets increased from 1 to 3
Jagged Cut Bleed: application chance increased from .25 to .5
Resilience: Reaver is immune to CC (combat states, slows, disarms, silence) for 10s
Against the Odds resets the cooldown of Resilience
Devastating Strike: Damage increased
Thrash- This skill has been significantly overhauled:
Changed to an area of effect skill with 4 max targets
Skill and Savage Wound damage has been reduced
Skill no longer requires Disarm to use
Cooldown has been increased to 30s
Power Cost has been significantly increased

Fixed a bug that was causing the Monster Play Insignias to remove and bar the Shield-wall effect. Shield-wall is no longer classified as a “Slow” and now stacks with “Slow” effects.

Blessing of Darkness: Defilers can no longer cast this on themselves.
Enhanced Skill: Curse of Sticky Feet: Fire Defence debuff changed to Tactical Mitigation debuff. Duration increased from 10s to 15s.
Plague of Flies:
-Damage and Power Drain has been increased.
-Health and Power pool of the flies have been increased.

Raids & Instances

Pits of Isengard
The correct text shows up in the chat log at the beginning of the instances
Exploit area in Ironarm's Boss room fixed
Opening VO of the Ironarm fight doesn't play over itself
Players running Tier 1 will now receive Imbued Sigils of Orthanc off whichever troll boss (Ironarm or Fshbraf) they fight.

Helegrod Dragon:
Removed an extraneous quest

Tower of Orthanc
Acid Water in Extermination Pit boss fight will no longer randomly be absorbed
Saruman elemental shift will stop when ring is destroyed
Ring UI will disappear when ring is destroyed
Kalbak has escort style vitals
Shadow/Light will not re-trigger in throne room
Lab exit door stays open after boss kill
Bukots escort vitals disappear on death
Some Orthanc pieces of equipment have seen their stats adjusted.
Tower of Orthanc Rewards Drops have been adjusted across the board.
Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor have a 100% chance to drop on T1.
Worn Symbols of the Elder King have an increased chance to drop on T2 (50/75/100%, depending on boss), and always drop on Challenge.
Broken Cloak Clasps have an increased chance to drop from Saruman (50/100/100%, depending on Tier)
Crafting Recipe drop rates have been improved.
An additional Relic and IAXP rune drop have been added.
Equipment drop rates have been adjusted.

Looting the Corpse of Brumbereth no longer sounds as if you are opening a chest.

The Foundry
The amount of money dropped in the Foundry Challenge chest has been reduced to be in-line with the other 3-man instances introduced at the same time.
Tier 1 & 2- Quest no longer resets if player leaves and rejoins partially completed instance.
Odd Benefactors
Players can not complete quests if they leave the instance

The Skirmish instance quests (the quest you receive every time you play a Skirmish) will now award gold, reputation, XP and IXP. This quest, unlike the old daily quests, will be awarded every time the Skirmish is completed, and will scale more accurately to the level of the Skirmish. The previous XP bonus on monsters has been reduced to compensate.
The Skirmish Soldier trait Ultimate Banner of Protection will now affect the unified Resistance stat displayed on the character panel instead of individual resistances.
The Skirmishes Strike Against Dannenglor and Protectors of Thangúlhad will now award Malledhrim reputation.

Skirmish Defensive Tutorial
Death Penalty is back to marks and not dread
Attack at Dawn
Control points now show up on the mini map

Legendary Items, Relics, Legacies
Heritage Runes are now Bound to Account.
Melding recipes for Tier 8 relics, Level 75 relics and Level 75 legendary items have been added.
Legendary Items level 66 and above have increased relic return from deconstruction if they are advanced to level 31 or higher. The increase is more significant if the item is advanced to level 60 and above.

Instance Finder
In Instance-Finder-made fellowships, you can now vote to change loot rules, loot quality threshold, or to dismiss players.
Solo players can now get back into an open encounter using an alert just like they can when they are in a fellowship.
Instance Finder window can now be resized vertically
Instance Finder: Fixed a bug which caused excessive lag between when the fellowship leader clicks “Join” and when the other fellowship members would see the “Confirm Role” panel.

New recipes for Level 75 crafted relics are located on the Crafting Guild vendors. The Compendium of Middle Earth, Volume III, can be acquired via a reward for completing the daily repeatable quest "The Forges of Isengard," given by Bron in Galtrev.

Corrected the plural name of Westfold Nestad Infused Parchment.
Slightly reduced the physical and tactical mitigations found on all “Steadfast Protector” / “Iron Will” Spear, Shield, and Fist Warden carvings.

Corrected the icon and description for the following recipe: Wyrmscale Cloak

Many shields found throughout Dunland have updated icons. Some of the Isengard raid shields (Tier 2 and Challenge) have new appearances.
The On Use effect of the Ancient Annúminas Statuette can now be used within 5 seconds of equipping the item.
Helm of the West Tower (level 55 version) - Appearance has been changed back to the pre-Rise of Isengard appearance, and is once again dyeable. The post-Rise of Isengard appearance is still available with the Helm of the West Tower (level 65 version)
There was something here, but it has been removed.
The Warden "Porbad" and Guardian "Laingarth" sets now properly refresh the duration of their additional threat over time effects. The Hunter “Gonathradir” set now gives Swift Bow a chance to reduce both Physical and Tactical Mitigation. The Mitigation reduction amount is slightly less than before.

Deeds & Virtues
Virtues have been extended to Rank 14.

The following quests will now use the quest item button alongside the quest tracker to allow for easier access to the text documents provided in certain objectives.
Anyone who had these quests underway will have them versioned out of their quest log. You will be able to pick them up again from the quest bestower.
Bree-Land - Blackwold Valuables
Bree-Land - Report From Staddle
Bree-Land - Message for the Constable
Bree-Land - A Failed Delivery
Shire - The Dwarves of Needlehole
Shire - Recovering the Lost Leaf
Shire - Gerebert Misses a Meal
North Downs - An Urgent Message
Evendim - Breakfast in the Ruins
Trollshaws - Calenglad Remained
Forochel - A Midwinter's Thaw
Eregion - The Worm-keeper
Lothlórien - The Good Will of the Galadhrim
Epic Book - Volume 1, Prologue: The Wisdom of the Thrushes
Epic Book - Volume 1, Prologue: The Emissary
Epic Book - Volume 1, Prologue: Finding Amdir
Epic Book - Volume 1, Prologue: Mundo's Complaint
Epic Book - Volume 1, Book 10, Chapter 1
Epic Book - Volume 1, Book 10, Chapter 13
Epic Book - Volume 1, Book 11, Chapter 9
Epic Book - Volume 1, Book 12, Chapter 2
Epic Book - Volume 1, Book 12, Chapter 8
Epic Book - Volume 1, Epilogue
Epic Book - Volume 2, Book 2, Chapter 3
Epic Book - Volume 2, Book 4, Chapter 3
Epic Book - Volume 2, Book 7, Chapter 6
Epic Book - Volume 2, Book 9, Chapter 2
Epic Book - Volume 3, Book 2, Chapter 11
Epic Book - Volume 3, Book 2, Chapter 14
Gandalf now appears and disappears in the Prancing Pony properly during Volume 1, Book 1 when he is supposed to and he is not there when he is not supposed to be. The door is always open.
Ending the Nightmare Quest: Players can no longer get stuck in an incompletable state if they cancel the quest before turning in the completed decision quest
Fighting Slime with Slime - Stonecrest now despawns and must be resummoned if player goes out of combat.

The dismount animation is back and used only when you dismount from a stationary horse/pony/goat. If you are moving and you dismount you will do so instantly. If you want to get off your steed fast, do so while moving.
There is a new icon on the new mount Winter Festival mount. This is the correct icon for the appearance.

Each Neighborhood now has a publicly-available Mailbox
Various Housing Hook Placement issues have been resolved

User Interface
Added a new lock-on camera mode which keeps the camera pointed towards your target. By default this can be engaged using the [X] key, but you can remap it in Options->Key Mapping->Camera.
Fixed an issue where rank 1 would display on the icon for virtues when the virtue has not yet been earned.
Certain lingering UIs can now be "minimized" via a button on the UI. To restore them, right click on your character's vitals and toggle them via the new UI toggle sub-menu on the pop-up menu.
Added new examination (tooltip) for monsters which will display the Quest Tracker status of all current relevant quests/objectives.
Examination (tooltips) for NPCs will now include Quest Tracker information for all quests currently associated with the NPC.
Examination for items will now include Quest Tracker information for all underway quests that can be advanced by that item. This includes both items in your inventory and items on the landscape.
Players can no longer quit (or resign) from their kinship via the right-click portrait menu. Players can still quit their kinship via the Kinship tab of the Social Panel, or by using /kinship quit.
Using a ? in your chat text will no longer cause your character to play a shrug emote.

Events & Festivals
Treasure hunt: trained cave-claw cooldown extended to avoid issues with lost cave-claws.

Town Services, Barter & Reputation Vendors
Landscape soldier tokens can be bartered for marks and medallions at the skirmish upgrade vendor.
Cosmetic versions of the Helegrod armor set can now be found on the Cosmetics skirmish barter vendor.
The Moria and Bree NPCs that exchanged reputation items for potions now accept the trading of those items.
You can now exchange Moria Guards and Miners reputation items by visiting the reputation vendors in Moria.
Some barter vendors in Lothlórien, Mirkwood and Enedwaith will now allow you to exchange their region's respective Gold Tokens for Silver Tokens (along with the other way around).
The value of five ducks is now one pig, however pigs will continue to be worth their weight in gold because you can make bacon out of them!
The Dunlending Quartermaster now has a Travel to Galtrev skill, available to all players with Kindred standing.
Barter costs of the Level 45 Class Items and some Consumables have been adjusted.
Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor are now available via Skirmish barter vendors.
The Reputation rewards from Enedwaith have had their Minimum Level requirements lowered, based on the required Tier of Reputation. Kindred items remain at Minimum Level 65.
Players may now exchange 50 Marks for 1 Medallion at the Currency Exchange NPCs found in the various Skirmish Camps across Eriador. There are also options to exchange for 10 and 50 Medallions.

NPCs & Monsters
The Hobbits in Dunland and the Hobbits in the Shire have spruced up their appearances a bit. Dusted off some new threads, so to speak. (Or perhaps just new to you.)
Trollshaws: Elder Stonehoof boars found in South Trollshaws now drop Sturdy Hides occasionally.

Auction House
There is now a new auction house category for players to use to buy and sell trophy items which are used for Tasks. This auction house category is called Task Items.
Scholar scrolls can now be found under the Crafting - Scrolls and Scroll Cases category
Fixed an issue where non-store stat tomes were not showing up in the Auction House when searching under Premium Items - Stat Tomes.

Visual FX, Graphics, and Physics
The Gloomglens now has fewer cliffs and more traversable terrain.
Fixed issue with water in the Gloomglens
Fixed terrain texture seams and stretching in Gloomglens
Fixed floating object issues in the Gloomglens
Radar images have been regenerated for the Gloomglens, Windfells and Mournshaws
Various terrain texture seams across Enedwaith have been cleaned up
Mailboxes in Dunlending villages in Enedwaith now use a more appropriate appearance
Additional Deco and Lighting work in Brenin's Council Hall
The sky objects will no longer vanish when you travel to certain instances and then return. Told ya; The sky is not falling. It was just…missing.
Floating objects in Volume 3 Book 6 have been grounded
Grounded various floating objects in Enedwaith
Cleaned up various terrain texture issues in Enedwaith
Fixed various placement issues in Enedwaith
Various floating assets in Dunland have been grounded.
Various terrain texture issues in Dunland have been resolved
Floating objects in the Ered Luin have been grounded
Floating objects in the Misty Mountains have been grounded
Floating objects in the Mirkwood have been grounded
Terrain seams in Mirkwood have been fixed
Floating objects in the Eregion have been grounded
Stuck locations in the Ettenmoors have been fixed
Lighting issues in Moria have been resolved.
Terrain seam issues in Forochel have been resolved.
Floating objects in Moria have been grounded
Floating objects in Forochel have been grounded
Various floating objects in Lothlórien have been grounded.
Various terrain issues in Lothlórien have been resolved.
Various terrain issues in Angmar have been resolved.
Various floating objects in Angmar have been grounded.
Physics issues in the Shire have been resolved.
Various terrain issues in the Shire have been resolved.
Floating items in Lothlórien has been grounded.
Physics issues in the Shire have been resolved.
Fixed various placement issues in the Trollshaws.
Crafting Gear should better match the female form, and class armor updates should fix minor flipping issues or form.
Guardian saddle should fit better when riding.
Guardian Gloves for the Isengard Raid Gear should not clip anymore

Pibgorn is now the same volume as other player instruments and the notes are fixed.
Fixed: The armor values returned by GetArmor are not correct.
Added: FreePeopleAttributes.GetBaseAr mor method and BaseArmorChanged event.
Fixed: ChampionAttributes.GetStance now works correctly.
Fixed: Bad deinitialization of FreePeopleAttributes that lead to a crash on shutdown.
Fixed: The plugin manager UI will now set the size of the user options panel when it is changed allowing for the panel to properly layout itself.
Removed: ChampionStance.BloodRage since it isn't a stance for champions.
Updated: The documentation on Equipment better explains the event firing order for ItemUnequipped.
Changed: The time autoload plugins are loaded has been pushed back in the loading process to avoid initialization race conditions.
Fixed: Quickslots better support items on load.
Added: DragStart to controls that is fired when a drag drop operation starts. NOTE: This is a work in progress still and is subject to change.
Added: DragDropInfo now has IsSuccessful/SetSuccessful for getting and setting the success state on the drag drop operation.
Fixed: The base Turbine.UI.Window class to properly erase its background.
Added: Player now has a GetPet method and PetChanged event. This method works for the LocalPlayer and PartyMember classes and will return the current pet of that player.
Added: Wallet support. This is available on the LocalPlayer as GetWallet. The Wallet provides a list of WalletItems and the notifications for them changing. WalletItems have accessors for the Quantity, MaxQuantity, Name, Description, Image, SmallImage, and IsAccountItem.
Deprecated: Entity.RegisterForClickHandlin g is deprecated. Use the EntityControl instead.
Added: New control, EntityControl. This can be used to create controls that can select entities and/or display a context sensitive menu for the entity.
Added: PluginManager.ShowOptions which can be used to display the options for a plugin by its plugin reference.
Fixed: Party members leaving a party should not longer cause a crash.
Fixed: Party member leave events should fire properly now.
Fixed: The GetReadyState function and ReadyStateChanged event function properly now.
Fixed: LocalPlayer reports IsVoiceEnabled properly.
Added: IsVoiceActive and IsVoiceActiveChanged so plugins can know when users are talking.

Leinox : 3 voie des havres, Luingil, Falathlorn.

Lueur de puissance magique
Enfuie dans tes pierres runiques
Illumine l'aube par le pouvoir des arcanes
Nimbé d'une augure clarté diaphane
Oblitère sans pitié tes ennemies insignifiants
Xanthies fragiles dans une tempête de tourments.
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MessageSujet: Re: (en) des infos sur la maj6 qui sort lundi   (en) des infos sur la maj6 qui sort lundi Icon_minitimeMer 14 Mar - 7:42

Voilà les notes en français (même si c'est aussi bien de les découvrir par soit même maintenant que c'est sorti...)


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Honnêtement, de gros changement sur le gdr mais pour le moment pas grand chose de vraiment différent à par qu'avec capi la conclusion épique tape à 11k sans forcer...

Leinox : 3 voie des havres, Luingil, Falathlorn.

Lueur de puissance magique
Enfuie dans tes pierres runiques
Illumine l'aube par le pouvoir des arcanes
Nimbé d'une augure clarté diaphane
Oblitère sans pitié tes ennemies insignifiants
Xanthies fragiles dans une tempête de tourments.
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(en) des infos sur la maj6 qui sort lundi
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